Movie Review: Dark Shadows

Barnabas Collins return to his old mansion.

Dark Shadows is a film based on old television series with the same name. It is about the witch who fell in love with Barnabas Collins who she cursed and turned into a vampire.


Barnabas Collins is a member of rich family who transferred to Maine in the United States. One day, a maid named Angelique Brouchard fell in love with him but he rejected the love being offered. Angelique turned into black magic and killed the parents of Barnabas and made Josette du Pres, Barnabas love interest, jump into the cliff. 

Angelique, not contented with the death and the curse against Barnabas, buried Barnabas alive where he spent 196 years of his life.

Almost two centuries later, Barnabas found his way to get out of the coffin when some construction workers dugout where his coffin was located. Barnabas found his way to his old house and met his descendants.

Having found out about the incident, Angelique was alarmed and went to the Collins Mansion to check whether Barnabas escaped from his coffins. She was still interested for the love of Barnabas but still rejected.

Barnabas rebuilt the Collins fishing business which somewhat threatened the business operation of Angelique which she built over the years.

Angelique continuing obsession over Barnabas and Barnabas’ vow to end the curse conflicts the two with one must overpower the interest of the other.


Dark Shadows is both a comedy and horror film. The combination of comedy and horror with a 1970’s theme is somewhat unsettling and risky experiment.

Acting of Johnny Depp, Eva Green and Michelle Pfeiffer are impressive which lifted the movie’s risky experiment.

The storyline have not lived to its promise from its trailer for the movie. The funniest part was Depp’s reaction to 1970’s lifestyle and technology, however, some were corny or boring.

There were little struggle and story twist that may activate the nerves of the moviegoers or DVD marathoners. There could have been more funny script or scenario and there could have been more thrilling or scary parts if they were to stick with the storyline.

This maybe recommended for teens but there were inappropriate scenes for them. This may be boring for adults.

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