Dishes to Try In Negros Oriental

By: Gerald Fuentes

Negros Oriental is a must-visit place in the Philippines. It is a place of good food and good cuisine wherein many of us does not know. They have a rich variation of cuisine, which one must taste! 

The first cuisne in Negros Oriental is the infamous version of Seaweed Salad.  It is said to be a very good source of vitamins and minerals especially protein and iodine, and a very healthy food for those with goiter problems. It can also add extra taste to bland food like rice, sweet potatoes and boiled bananas. It has a famous version in Cebu, which is popularly known as Guso Salad. It is somehow the same without the special herbs, people in this province adds yet its version is starting to be known in the entire Philippines. 

Next dish is the Lechon Manok. They have their own way of cooking this special cuisine. It is one of the best according to some reviews and I bet it is true because of overwhelming number of restaurants serving this dish. Aside from its normal taste, they put some ingredients, which make their lechon manok a flavorful and different one that we can boast to the entire Philippines
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  1. this is what i like to eat, seaweeds! very tasty,full of minerals and nutrients;Just be cautious of red tide.

  2. sarap ng seaweeds. di na kailangan lutuin. sobrang sarap pa lagyan ng suka para may pangbalance ng alat