Laguna's Delicious Offerings

By: Gerald Fuentes

Laguna is definitely one of the most famous provinces in the Philippines because of its historic and architectural value. It is also hailed as a province rich in delicious delicacies and other food products.

The first delicacy you can associate to Laguna would definitely be Buko Pie. It is a pastry filled with young coconuts and pudding; almost synonymous to coconut cream pie but it has no whipped cream on top. Los Baños' buko pie is the best which is notable throughout the Philippines. 

The second notable delicacy in Laguna would be their version of Bibingka. There are many varieties and ways of preparing it in the Philippines but when you are in Laguna, you should try their own version. It is much creamier and tastier as they put something that they preferred to call as their secret ingredient. It is way delicious and is indeed a must try!

The third most notable food product in this province would be Espasol. Who among us, never tasted it as we go on field trips or when we are stepping the grounds of Laguna? Of course everyone has tasted it! It is a native Filipino rice delicacy made from rice flour and coconut strips cooked in coconut milk. The cooked pudding is shaped into cylinders and then rolled into toasted rice flour. It is believed that espasol originated in this province.
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  1. the best talaga buko pie dito. hindi masyadong matamis tamang tama lang. gusto ko matutunan gumawa nito