Make Books Popular Again

Make Books Popular Again 
Yes. This is the best thing in this world I could ever teach.

By Randy Bolante

We need to make books popular again. We need to make books so popular we’ll see a man reading in bus, LRT, in canteen, in the park, or even walking, reading a book. We need to make a habit of reading. We need to read and read, and make many of us have eye problem and wear glasses. Yes. And we need more. We’ll make books like so good it’s like a Johny Walker or a piece of IPAD. Find a mate who loves to read. If you like a person who doesn’t know how to touch a book, forget them. If someone likes you, and doesn’t have any idea what’s cool with reading don’t entertain them. Find a mate; find a lifetime partner who loves the pleasure of written, typed, encrypted words. Find a person which conceives Literature as a parent, a mentor, a friend and a lover.
Find a person who is able to make sense of this world.

Why so serious about these? 
Because reading books are becoming less and less popular in this country. Reading now a mainstream, a norm. But it is a twisted reading. Not really Literature in the most perfect sense. Now Filipino reading encompasses the 140 text rule of cell phones, the tweets, the status, the few sentences or if lucky the few paragraphs of photo essays or notes found in facebook.
Library is becoming less and less common. In fact, some people ask me “what are you going to the library?” and I will say “to read of course!” the common response will be that of surprise, or if I am unlucky, a statement like “you’re nerd”, “you have no life”, “surely you’re kidding, library is for sleeping!”  I found some people regard Library as an air conditioned cool room where it just happens to have books for decoration.

And to the few people who have an honest habit of reading, social prejudice occur. I am not nerd – or I think I am not because I did not gained huge awards in academic field. It’s just that I love exploring the past, the world outside my usual frontiers, places and times that it is impossible to venture.  The fantastic world of middle-earth, the ups and downs of the life of David Copperfield, or the tragedy and horror in the rule of Macbeth. But if that makes me a nerd, which I again think did not, but if, then so what? Nerds are cool. It’s not really a negative stereotype. It’s a compliment. It means that you know a lot. It means that when people ask you, it is more likely you’ll give some answer precise or abstract.

Some complains that in this Internet age, Books are simply a No Nos. But wait, who says that Internet is a hindrance? Internet is a bridge! There’s a reason why Apple’s  iBookstore experience 250,000 downloads in its very first day. Book lovers find gadgets in a good way. Me? I find Wikipedia the Titanic, the Brachiosaurus, the biggest books ever made. Read an article in Wiki and you’ll find a domino effect of articles you can read. Read wisely, there are articles that have false thoughts, but still the majority of information in Wikipedia’s are helpful.

My girlfriend would love books. Kitchen-wife is okay, but Library-wife is an Burj Kalifa-cooler. I would shower her with self made poems. I would dedicate the letters that I would write for her. When I read, the Aphrodite, the saving magic, and all the melancholic and languid words would all seem a manifestation of our brilliant love.

Find a mate who understands Literature.
It says all. To be literate, meaning, to understand, to know. Not to be ignorant, not to be lacking of any insight to the lights of these world, to have perspective; in the trial of Love, in the cruelness of wealth, and the Kismet of Life. Reading Books are an Ocean of Power: before you are in an enclosed wall. Now you’ll see there’s a Disney of Land out there.

Here’s a picture from 9gag in case my almost seven hundred words are still not enough. 

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  1. I, myself is not fan of reading books and I can see what are the disadvantages, that is why I am struggling now and trying to read books, more on forcing my self to read.