Specialties of Zamboanga del Norte

Zamboanga del Norte is one of the largest city in the Philippines. They have different variety of cuisine which is unknown to most of us. We should take some time learning their specialties because according to some food reviews it is truly a must-try!

I was so enticed by the lechon manok I saw around the city of Zamboanga del Norte. They have their own way of cooking this special cuisine. It is one of the best according to some reviews and I bet it is true because of overwhelming number of restaurants serving this dish. Aside from its normal taste, they put some ingredients which make their lechon manok a flavorful and different one which we can boast to the entire Philippines.

The next cuisines are maybe new to most of us but it just tasted like some of the normal dishes here in the Metro. Some of Zamboanga del Norte's native dishes are Halang-Halang, Bas-oy, Balbacua and Paklay. Halang-Halang is a spicy soup made with minced chicken neck while the other three are pork-based meals that is perfect for lunch and dinner time. All are enriched with culture and they represent their city well same with our country, the Philippines.
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  1. lechon manok lang ata ang alam ko dito. yung ibang nabanggit na ay di ko pa natitkman