Stay Fit in Soaking Rainy Days

By Randy Bolante

When I was a kid I love exercise as I love “Lagnat”. During my elementary years, I would fake my cough, depressed my face, and exposed my back to the fan as much as possible to have cold and be absent in school. I also love exercise, whether it’s biking, pushups, or jogging, I did it morning, afternoon, or before I sleep. (Not mentioning the house works.) But will these two ever mix? Is exercise the solution for cold? And how important are diet and exercise for staying fit for school days?

Philippines has one of the worst records in environmental health problems, air and water pollution. To make matters worse rain day is coming, and to some, rainy days just always accompanied health problems. And though I always prefer mild rains than being burned by infernal heat of summer more so before I sleep, no one ever wants sudden showers with no umbrella, soaked all over, books wet, walking alone forever alone with no girlfriend to kiss and romanticized the moment.

Sickness is just a constant visitor that comes at least once a year in an everage Juan dela Cruz. And treatments are complex. But most expers agree that we need to spend more time not sitting.

Physical Work
Exercise seems vanishing to many kabataan these days. In the age of Ipads, Facebook, and Warcraft, student’s time are often divided in their school, eating, rest and leisure hours spend sitting immersed from their gadgets. There simply no time anymore, but doctors simply believed that walking at least 40 minutes a day are just a necessity. As a general rule exercise strengthens the immune system. If you’re systems are only from neck up (cough, sore throat, headache, etc), go ahead and flex you muscles up. Basketball, running, jumping jack and release some adrenalines, natural decongestant, that allows you to breathe clearly and clear your nasal passages.

And don’t forget simple household chores. Whether you know it or not, helping Nanay in simple washing of the dishes or clearing the garden can burn fat and calories. As we grow older, people, no matter what you’re social standing are, should be starting to take care of your own clothes from ironing to laundry. These simple things give health benefits but also of course, show psychological maturity.

Go back to the basics. Our elementary food education table should not be forgotten: Go, Grow and Glow. We are blessed for our staple rice diet a member of “Go” foods. Rice provides a vital source of energy and nutrients that should dominate every meal, substituted in times with bread, cereals, pasta or potatoes. These foods contain the nutrient carbohydrate which provides our bodies with energy needed to run, swim, jump and cycle, as well as B vitamins, which help convert food into the energy needed by our muscles. Grow foods are Milk, cheese, chickens and eggs, Tuna, Protein nutrients rich foods that builds and repairs muscles. Also rich in Calcium that strengthens bones and teeth. Fruits and vegetables are Glow foods, which contain vitamins (like E, C, or minerals like Pottasium) that fortify our immune system.
More meals are better than fewr big pack meals. Five meals and snacks a day is ideal. And don’t forget the famous phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Preventing cold are always much better than treating it. These simple Life hacks would give you a kick long confidence than an average dude.
Be safe with children: These may be difficult for us who have younger siblings or relatives, but kids are simply always infected with simple but constant colds. Worse everything they touched might be infected (toys, dishes, or you own skin). Failing to cover ourselves in their sneeze might affect you than you don’t know.

Vitamins: There are nothing wrong with taking food supplements and vitamins like C. Some researchers like the Nobel laureate Paulings believe Vitamin C can prevent colds.

Wash Hands: Before eating and after doing any manual work, washing is just one of the major mechanism to be safe from viruses.

Common Sense:  If you feel tired dot overworked yourself. Be prepared in rainy season by buying umbrella firsthand. Jackets looks cool too. You know your body needs water. Don’t forget to drink more than eight glasses a day. White pee of course means better than orange.

Last but not the least, Laughter is the best medicine. When you’re sick, feeling good means getting better, and anything that will mean to make you feel good from eating “safe” foods you crave, or laughing from Bubble Gang are perfect in coping when you’re sick. Live life, love your parents, find friends, and find a person you can hug and smile with. There are seven billion people out there. Don’t feel, forever alone in this crowded beautiful world. 
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