Eating Healthy 101: Beer Belly

Holiday breaks have already been out for more than two weeks now and you are wondering why your belly remains the same. You drank too much beer last yuletide and you blame beers for ruining your "abs"

Now, the epicenter of your worry-some is your "Beer Belly". Oh no, Beer Belly? For some, beer belly is having big tummy caused by drinking too much beer. Very obvious definition and the root word, need to explain more? Well, let's continue the drinking buddies discussions.

Apparently, in this modern times, people would still argue about what is happening in their body without any further basis. So, beer belly came up because of the "theory" of drinking too much beer out of what your body can hold.

In some cases, this is true. When you drink too much then you will have bigger belly. But not all cases will come into this conclusion. 

Drinking beer is not the sole reason for getting big waist size. There's a big probability that you have met people with big stomach and yet they are not drinking beers nor have even tasted it in their entire life.

Having big tummy is called abdominal obesity. Abdominal obesity, popularly known as belly fat, is the accumulation of abdominal fat resulting in an increase in waist size. (Wikipedia)

There are few questions listed below why there's such thing as beer belly. Here's some of it and the answer.

Why the term Beer Belly was coined?

Beer is rich in calories. Every time we eat, we consume calories.  If drinkers take too much of it then there's a likelihood that beer drinker will have fat bellies.

What are the other reasons why people are getting fat stomach?

Net energy imbalance is the explanation why we have large bellies. This is the imbalance of energy usage of our body and calorie consumption. Calories will be converted into energy if used. As we already know, calorie came from whatever we eat. You will definitely have big belly if you are consuming too much food and won’t use it.

How can we avoid getting beer belly? 

There are two simple things you should remember - balance lifestyle and eating properly. Eating too much is not good. Being slothful too will not just make you plump, it will make you worthless in life.
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  1. REally? pero di ba kapag malaki ang tyan dahil sa sobrang paginom ng alak ay isan gsymptom na may tama sa na digestive system?

  2. Bernadeth Marie CortezJune 21, 2013 at 5:41 PM

    i dont drink alcoholic drinks pero malaki tyan ko. napapansin ko sa tuwing natitigil ko ang sit-ups kung gano kabilis lumiit tyan ko ganun din kabilis lumaki or nagproproturde tummy ko.

  3. lapit na ang ocober fest sunod sunod na yan hanggang summer ang inuman

  4. need lang madami daming lakad yan para matunaw agad yung kinakain.