PISO: Pambili ng Gucci

By Raybert Domingo

Want a Gucci bag? I bet Divisoria can give you one, close to original. How about Levi’s Strauss straight cut jeans? Go to Baclaran, they can custom fit one for you. And yes, there’s a big market for all of these fakes.

All can be imitated now. More shocking to know, you can have these fake goods by paying with counterfeited money. Tama! PEKENG PISO!
Got an idea? Leave it behind man. These bogus industries will kill more people than it can gratify your wants or needs. It might affect you also if you patronize these illegal acts of these ignorant-abusive people. We must not tolerate these things, cause for one, it’ll make a slap on our economy. Thus make the Filipino people poorer and hopeless. 

Only one is genuine from this set of coins

In late 2000, the proliferation of these fake coins occurred. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas must be more vigilant on the explosion of these things as it will greatly affect our financial institutions and our people. 

HOW TO SPOT FAKE COINS: The 25 centavos, 1 peso, 5pesos and 10 pesos can’t be magnetized due to their compositions which don’t attract magnets. Hence, coins that are magnetized are fakes.

So may we inform the people of the Philippines to be more aware of the coins that are circulating in the market right now, because it has been mixed with counterfeited coins. Furthermore, please report if you encounter similar cases, most probably to bspmail@bsp.gov.ph  or call them at (632) 708.77.01 or (632) 929.70.71 to 90. Or you can use the social media to gain awareness of the same.
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  1. This isn't true. Only 5 and 10 peso coins can not be magnetized. 1 peso coin and below can be magnetized because of the composition. But there are still 1 peso coins that can not be magnetized, these are the old ones. The composition of the 1 peso coin before is greater that its value that's why the latter 1 peso coins can be magnetized because they changed the composition to compensate its value.

  2. may isa pang paraan eh kung pano malalaman kung totoo yung coin. ihulog mo siya sa sementadong floor kapag iba yung sound fake daw yun.