Streets Food Overview

Street food is a ready to eat food that can be bought in the public places which are populated by people. Street food vendor often have portable stalls where they can go anywhere and anytime just to sell their foods. Kinds of street foods varies in different countries. Foods are generally cheaper than foods from regular restaurants that is why people tend to buy in the streets rather than go to restaurants for snack or just to full their tummies.

Street Vendors in India

Street foods are not distinguished or exclusively known in the third world country. In fact, even in the streets of New York, Tokyo and other well developed cities across the globe have street food vendors. In the developed cities, most street vendors offer foods like hotdog and waffles. In China and its neighboring countries like Japan and Korea, they offer both homemade and exotic foods in the street. Different countries offer different kinds of street foods. People are loving it and it is already part of their cultures of mostly middle class to lower class of people.

Tokyo's Offering
While it is becoming widely accepted, street foods are still criticized by health experts. Cleanliness of the stalls and other cooking equipments are often being criticized by health experts. Since foods are exposed in the streets, food are said to be unclean because of the different kinds of pollution might be absorbed by food which eventually will be bought and eaten by people. Sanitation is also an issue in most stalls of street vendors. Most vendors do not comply with the government sanitation ordinances since they do not register their businesses in some countries.

In the busy street of New York
Possibilities of having food borne diseases and worse, outbreaks are always seen or expected because of the growing numbers of vendors selling street foods. Unwanted chemicals, microbes and viruses are often absorbed by food exposed in the street. People should be very careful when they decide to have food trips in the street if they want to avoid having diarrhea or worse be sent to the nearest hospitals.
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