Banana, world's most consumed fruit has a lot of Benefits.

Bananas and the Pajamas
Banana is one of the most consumed and cultivated fruits in tropical 
countries. It is also one of the most popular fruits in the world. There had been various movies and TV series such as Banana and Pajamas that was based purely on the fruit banana.  

Banana is also been associated with animals such as monkeys and other kinds of apes. Teachers in the elementary have associated strength of monkeys and eating bananas. Yes, it is true that banana can really give strength and energy to those who eat it. You can notice tennis players during breaks eat bananas, this is because banana gives them energy they need for the long hours of games. While considering that fact, there are more benefits of eating banana aside from enjoying its delicious taste. 

1. Banana regulates Bowel Movement

People may sometimes suffer from constipation because of certain problem in our stomach. Banana can help relieve the pain of constipation because it is rich in fibers which helps regulate the functions of our bowel system.

2. Banana can reduce Depression

Banana contains tryptophan acids which help reducing depression and help you improve your mood. Although one banana contains few amount of tryptophan acids and would not easily reduce your depression, eating regularly will help you improve your mood. Aside from tryptophan, banana can give you energy. As we know depressed people lacks necessary energy and by eating banana, one will improve his or her energy and therefore may gradually reduce depression.

3. Banana can help people suffering from Ulcer and Heartburn

Most health experts suggest that one of banana's major benefits is to fight off intestinal disorders. It is known that banana can reduce the effect of excessive acid in our stomach and lessen the irritation that we feel if we have ulcer.

4. Banana can help swell irritation from Mosquito Bites

Banana's peel is not a total waste, you may need it to cure or help cure the irritation you get from mosquito bites. This has proven true and people who tried this felt satisfied with its benefits.

5. Banana can help give Brain Power and improve nerves

Maria Sharapova
Studies were conducted by different Universities and it shows that banana can help give your child and adults. It can also improve your nerve since bananas are high in B vitamins. It calms you down and relaxes you. Eat this when you are tired of studying or after work.

6. Banana can reduce the risk of having High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease

Rafael Nadal

Banana is rich in potassium which is important for the muscle contraction and proper functioning of the nervous system and the heart. Eating banana everyday can help improve your body. 
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