Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter review
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Abraham trains to fight the vampires to avenge the death of her mother. (Photo from Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Facebook page)
Untold history on how Abraham Lincoln and his friends fought hard against slavery and vampires in this dark fantasy movie.


Abraham Lincoln's mother was killed by a vampire when he was a child. He grew up wanting a revenge against the murderer. However, he wasn't aware about the identity of the murderer until told by Henry who trained him fight the vampires.


The legend of vampires are told in a high new level. Or, the American history has been brought with a new exciting story. Either way, this movie united two groups of people, the American history buffs and vampire movie lovers.

The combination for this movie is well done. The creativity has overwhelmed moviegoers for many reasons. One of these reasons are the great re-imagining which we have not expected.

Sets and this movie’s version of history is believable. Only the faces of the characters are not. They seemed to remain young even they get old. The movie has overly used computer-generated imagery (CGI) but failed to make the character a bit older.

Some scripts are politically motivating. Political savvy can recreate their love for observation of politics. 

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