Benefits of Eating Mango

Mango is no doubt one of the most popular fruits in the South East Asia and of course it is also popular in the United States, Europe and in Central America. This fruit has many benefits but it is not recommended for those who are having light diet because this is a fattening kind of fruits.

Mango is high in calories and carbohydrates which makes this fruit recommended for those people who needs to gain weight. One medium sized mango contains around 100-110 calories. You may eat half of it if you are having light diet program.

Mango also have phenolic compound which is considered as powerful anti-cancer agents and have powerful antioxidant properties. It also proven that mango is effective in relieving clogged pores of the skin.

If you are having poor digestion and treating acids in your body, eating mango is a good help. This tropical fruit will also be a good help for pregnant women who lacks iron or iron deficient.

This tropical fruit has been proven to be beneficial for people suffering from many ailments and diseases such as bacterial infections, constipation, diarrhea, dysentery, eye disorders, hair loss, heat stroke, leucorrhea, liver disorders, morning sickness, piles, prickly heat, scurvy, sinusitis, spleen enlargement and vaginitis.

This is a nutritional fact about Mango:

Calcium - 20 g
Calories - 107
Carbohydrate - 28 g
Cholesterol - 0 g
Fiber - 3 g
Magnesium - 18 mg
Potassium - 300 mg
Protein - 0.84 g
Saturated fat - 0 g
Total Fat - 0.45 g
Traces of manganese, selenium, iron, sodium and phosphorus
Vitamin A - 6425 IU
Vitamin C - 45.7mg

You can do a lot of mango presentation to look more delicious and appealing. This tropical fruit has been used in many culinary presentation across the globe even the does not grow locally in some regions in the world like in Northern America and in Europe. 
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