Movie Review: The Dictator

The Dictator review
The Dictator. Sacha Baron Cohen stars in his new political satire comedy with seriously offensive political tone film, The Dictator.  (Photo from The Dictator Facebook page)

The Dictator is a political satire black comedy film about the dictator of the fictional Republic of Wadiya visiting the United States.


Republic of Wadiya in North Africa is being ruled by General Aladeen, a dictator and anti-western, who develops nuclear weapons to attack Israel. Wadiya is a rich country, which he refuse to sell its natural resources to the west, but his country remains poor despite its natural wealth.

Aladeen was requested by United Nations to go to UN Headquarters. He obliged as he avoids military intervention by the UN and the United States of America.

His travel to the US is not as he expected as he experienced traitorship and being kidnapped.


This is the most provocative movie so far about the current conflicts being experienced across the world. Specifically, this is a black spoof of series of real events in Libya involving Colonel Gaddafi and some other Middle East countries.

Excerpts from real speeches of US President Barrack Obama, Sec. Hillary Clinton and other world leaders are seen in this film, adding connections from real political concerns to the black satire film of Sacha Baron Cohen.

The film is hilarious and even funnier if the moviegoers are updated with real events and political situations in Africa and Middle East.

Although this is a comedy film, the tone is serious and offensive. It is not only the large scale problems are shown here but also various societal and political problems. Some scenes give us glimpse on other unknown problems.
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