Brown Angel

This beer made from Massachusetts, USA is one of my friends’ personal favorite. That is the very reason why I ended up tasting this so called “best strong beer” according to them. I read other beer reviews concerning Brown Angel and I found out it’s a craze already on some parts of USA.

Its appearance was a plus factor for calling it as one of the best strong beer. It pours a very dark brown color with a small 1/8" head of tan bubbles on top that was quite active as I was pouring and faded quickly to a small ring where the beer meets the glass. When you hold the beer tipped to the light, you can see through the corner that the beer is pretty clear overall and has a defined brown (as opposed to Red) hue. There is a pretty decent amount of lace left on the glass after drinking, and it is a bit lighter color than the head itself, which is a little unusual to note.

The aroma of this best strong beer is okay as well for me. I initially got a pretty decent amount of American hops mixed with some defined dark caramel notes and some subtle toasty notes to accentuate the whole ensemble. There was also a chocolate malt presence that was obvious. As the beer has sat for a little bit, the dark caramel is moving more toward toffee, and there is a little bit of alcohol noticeable already as some spice. Its aroma is a big factor why I learned to love this best strong beer as called by my friends. Other beer reviews agrees with me that its aroma is way too excellent!

Brown Angel’s taste is way too good as well. The flavor follows the aroma pretty closely. There are some hops up front and they challenge the malt a bit, but overall the profile is balanced pretty solidly toward the malt. There is some balance provided as much by the roast acidity and alcohol as from hops. The carbonation is a bit low, so the beer comes across a bit watery with regard to mouthfeel; however, there are a lot of residual sugars left in the beer, so it won't ever come across thin. The hops and roast acidity are getting more pronounced as the beer warms up, and the chocolate is definitely coming out more which I personally love! 

This is a pretty well made “best strong beer” overall. I personally like that the balance is biased toward the malt. The contribution from the dark malts is a bit strong, and maybe just increasing the carbonation would change that impression. I am going to hold out by saying that this is a pretty darn good American Brown Ale, and I would like to try it on tap where the carbonation would be a bit more controlled. Otherwise, this beer is recommended for all of you beer drinkers. All those beer reviews from the internet were pretty true, so if I were you, come on and try this one!

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