Food Poisoning Overview and Prevention

Food Poisoning Microbes
Food poisoning is explained as a food borne disease. Any foods that contain unwanted 
chemicals, toxins and contagious agents such as virus, parasites and viruses will cause food poisoning according to the medical experts.

Usual effects of food borne diseases cause gastrointestinal tract which will make someone affected to vomit or will have diarrhea, nausea and LBM. Some food poisoning can be self medicated but some needs hospitalization. Food poisoned person are rushed to the hospitals because the foods that they ate contain more infectious virus and the pain the victims have is unbearable. In worst cases, some food borne disease will cause death.
Large group of people that ate same food or kind of food and have same effect on them is called outbreak or food poison outbreak. This usually happens in one area that consumed fruits, vegetables, meat and processed food that has same source which foods have infectious contaminants. In some cases, food poisoning happens in a party or any kind of gatherings which served foods.

To prevent food poisoning, you always check what you buy from market if you are to buy fruits, meats and vegetables. You may check expiration date indicated in some parts of processed foods. If those processed foods do not have expiration dates, better check other items or other products.

Always clean up and make sure your kitchen is clean. Properly wash every kitchen utensils, plates and glass. Foods are not always the source of food borne diseases so better make sure everything is clean.
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