Villar Foundation Gives Christmas Treats To Poor Kids

Mrs. Cynthia Villar and Senator Manny Villar acted as Ninang and Ninong during the gift-giving held in Tagaytay City.

Kids from Baseco and Tagaytay
THE Villar Foundation, led by its Founding Chairman, Senator Manny Villar and Managing Director, former Las Pinas Rep. Cynthia Villar, on Saturday brought smiles and joy to the poor young children of Tondo, Manila , and Tagaytay City , as they were afforded various Christmas treats.

About 55 children from the slums of Baseco in Manila and their adult companions, and 80 children from Tagaytay City were fetched from their respective places and brought to the Christmas Village in Britanny-Crosswinds, an idyllic residential property in the said city.

The children, aged 3 to 10 years old, were treated to good food and beverages while on board chartered buses. They enjoyed different shows and they participated in different dance numbers like the hottest dance sensation, the Gangnam Style. The magic show stole their attention for half an hour as kids and adults were amazed with tricks done by magicians.
Kids were amazed by the magic trick.

“We want to make their trip and stay at Crosswinds, even for a few hours, unforgettable. We made sure that the event would be fun-filled so they could always look back at the fond memories they had here,” noted Mrs. Villar.

During her stint at the House of Representatives for nine consecutive years, Villar has authored several legislations, which redound to the benefits of children. “In our own little way, we hope to make these children happy through the Villar Foundation,” said Mrs. Villar.
All year long Christmas season at Crosswinds, Tagaytay.

Happiness can be gleaned on the innocent faces of the children as the bus carrying them traversed the road going to Crosswinds, which sits on a lush terrain in one of the highest peaks in Tagaytay City .

The children could not contain their excitement during the trip. For many of them, it was a totally new experience to travel out of town. When they reached Tagaytay, the children immediately enjoyed the cold December breeze and breath-taking environment.

Crosswinds has been all decked up for Christmas— where the Villar Foundation prepared more fun activities and games.

The children visited the Gingerbread House at the state-of-the-art Christmas Village , adorned with 20,000 pine trees.

The children played with various toys at the Christmas Village , built for children and adults to enjoy. They also had their pictures taken at the Christmas Village and around the area.

The excursion turned into one big Christmas party for the children as they danced, sang, and had fun with the Villar couple.

One of the kids did "Mano" to Mrs. Villar
after receiving gifts
The former congresswoman said giving Christmas treats to less fortunate children is their way of expressing gratitude for all the blessings they have been receiving. “We want to share our blessing. We also want to help them by making them happy especially during this joyous season of the year,” she further said.

“We also want to spread love, which is the spirit of Christmas. We also want to get these children from their dire surroundings and let them experience something bright and cheery here at Crosswinds even for just a day,” he said. Aside from the gifts and hearty meals, the children also got prizes for winning in parlor games and other activities like the raffle during the brief Christmas program.

After the event wrapped up, everyone carried with them bags full of treats and hearts full of Christmas cheer and memories.
Mrs. Cyntia Villar and Senator Manny Villar with girls from both Baseco and Tagaytay City

Boy's turn. Mrs. Cynthia Villar and Senator Manny Villar poses with boys from Baseco and Tagaytay City

Las Piñas City Celebrates 7th Parol Festival

Recycled and indigenous materials used to reflect Christmas spirit

7th Las Pinas Parol Festival. Robert Apuli Jr.'s entry was chosen as this year's 1st Place.

Las Piñas once again proved that it is ‘the lantern capital of Metro Manila’ as residents of its barangays showed their ingenuity in creating the best Christmas parols (lanterns) using recycled and indigenous materials at the 7th Parol Festival’s lantern-making competition.

7th Las Pinas Parol Making Contest Grandprize Winner
“We are pleased that the Parol Festival is becoming popular not only here in Metro Manila but in other parts of the country as well. I always promote the festival when I attend festivals in other provinces. This is a big boost to our three-generation parol-making industry,” said Cynthia Villar, Managing Director of the Villar Foundation, which is in charge of the yearly festival.

The festival is the brainchild of the Former Congresswoman of Las Piñas. In 2007, she encouraged the city’s magpaparols (lantern-makers) to organize themselves into the ‘Samahang Magpaparol ng Las Piñas’. And to support them, the then Congresswoman Villar set up the Las Piñas Parol Center, which serves as a training area for the lantern-makers.

“We want this unique tradition of parol-making to be continued carried on by the younger generations, so we support the industry as much as we can,” said Mrs. Villar.

This year, the Parol Festival was held at its new venue—the Villar Social Institute of Poverty Alleviation & Governance (SIPAG) along C-5 Extension in Pulang Lupa Uno. In the last six years, it was held at the St. Joseph Bamboo Organ Church.

Meanwhile, the younger Villar—Las Piñas Representative Mark Villar—is pleased with the entries in this year’s parol-making competition. “The residents of our barangays are really looking forward to the contest and eagerly participate every year. The entries are becoming more and more artistic and creative, reflecting Las Piñeros’ skills and craftsmanship in making traditional lanterns,” he cited.

The lantern-making competition also highlights environmental protection as participants can only use recycled materials such as shampoo sachets/bottles, cans, bottles, tetra packs, newspapers etc. and natural or indigenous materials such as coconut huks, dried leaves, feathers, shells etc. The frame of the lantern should be made of bamboo.

Entries are judged according to ingenuity and resourcefulness, 30%; creativity, 25%; impact, 30% and technical skills, 15%. The grand prize winner will get P45,000 and the three runners-up will get P20,000; P15,000; and P10,000 respectively. Consolation prizes of P2,000 will be given to all participants. The Villar Foundation extended a P1,000 cash subsidy to all those who fielded entries in the contests. 

Poverty Alleviation finds Home at Villar SIPAG

Ribbon Cutting led by the Villar Family

GETTING Filipinos out of poverty has always been the main advocacy of the Villar Foundation and the couple behind it Manny Villar and former Las Pinas Rep. Cynthia Villar, chairman and managing director, respectively.

During Thursday inauguration of the Villar Social Institute for Poverty Alleviation and Governance or SIPAG in Las Pinas City, ex Rep. Villar said it will serve a home of all their efforts and endeavour to fulfil their advocacies.

Through the Villar SIPAG, ex Rep. Villar vowed to boost their efforts and initiatives to reach out to more people who need guidance, training, information, inspiration and skills to improve their lives and eventually help them out of poverty.

The former three-term congresswoman has earned the moniker “Misis Hanep Buhay” because of her untiring efforts to provide livelihood opportunities to Filipinos nationwide.

Las Pinas Representative Mark Villar
We have been in public service, both in personal and political capacities, for decades. We have been implementing numerous programs and projects that helped Filipinos improve their lives, noted Villar.

She averred that the Villar SIPAG is more than just a showcase of the Villars past, present and future efforts to lift Filipinos out of poverty but will also be a working hub and proactive center.

Its name alone highlights and promotes the value of hard work as a tool in overcoming poverty, she said.
Villar assured they are serious in their goal to end poverty. She said it is not just a catchphrase for them but a serious campaign, and this structure is a solid evidence of that.

For his part, Sen. Villar said the Villar Sipag will be the hub of their activities and actions for our impoverished countrymen.

SIPAG will also be instrumental to bring about positive changes in peoples lives and the country as well, said Sen. Villar, who served as former House Speaker and Senate President.

Sen. Villar is also known as Mr. Sipag at Tiyaga, in reference to how he personally overcame poverty through hard work and persistence.

The Villar SIPAG Center
Villar SIPAG Center will feature among others: Poverty Alleviation Museum, SIPAG Poverty Knowledge Management Center, Nacionalista Party Museum, Reception Hall, Mini-Theater, Offices, Archives and Training Rooms.

Villar SIPAG Poverty Knowledge Management facility
SIPAG Poverty Knowledge Management will serve as a library or resource center to collect, preserve, and make accessible to the public an array of reading and reference materials on poverty reduction, generation of livelihood, and entrepreneurship. It aims to cater to students of all ages, scholars, policymakers, journalists etc.

The Training Rooms will offer seminars, briefings and trainings on livelihood opportunities, entrepreneurial strategies, and other relevant and related topics for the womenfolk, the youth, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and other marginalized sectors of the society.

The Reception Hall will feature the memorabilia of Sen. Manny and ex-Rep. Villar as well as other relevant exhibits on occasions. The Nacionalista Party Museum will exhibit memorabilia, photos, documents, among others, of the oldest political party of the country.

Villar SIPAG Mini Theater
The Mini Theater will be the venue of conferences, symposia, and screening of video or performances tackling the issues of and related to poverty reduction.

It will also be made available for use as venue of private gatherings.

The Villar Foundation, through its various livelihood-generation and skills training initiatives, has played an active role in poverty alleviation for the past 20 years. Its barangay-based livelihood enterprises now provide income to over 500 families and other parts of the country, where it has established more than 100 pilot projects.

The inauguration of SIPAG Center were formally opened to the public through ribbon cutting led by Mrs. Cynthia Villar, Managing Director of Villar Foundation, and Senator Manny Villar, chairman of the Villar Foundation and former Senate President. With them are Las Piñas Congressman Mark Villar, Senator Antonio Trillanes III, former Colonel Ariel Querubin.

Also present at the said event, Atty Gwen Pimentel, former Bayan Muna congressman Satur Ocampo, Las Pinas' chairpersons of different barangays, and other prominent people from different provinces.