Big Worse Mikkeller

Mikkeller is one those rare beers I consider as one of the best light beer that the world has ever produced! This beer made from Denmark is a widely favorite among beer reviews in the internet. It’s quite expensive yet I may say its worth it.
The appearance of this best light beer pours pretty murky brown colors with no head at all after a pretty conservative pour. I was hoping to keep the carbonation in the liquid, but this is a bit much as I would like to see something at least. As still as it is, it looks like a glass of wine in my glass; just brown and murky-like wine. It maybe quite a normal one when compare to other beers in the market all over the world.

The aroma is one of the factors why I love this best light beer! It has strong peppery alcohol notes to go along with some malt, but there is a defined dryness that seems like it is barrel aging. I don't know if this best light beer is barrel aged, but it sure smells like it which majority of beer reviews loved. I do get some reserved hops in the nose that seem like they may be bordering on citrusy, like they are American hops, but this is muted by the wood aromatics. A plus factor anyway for me. I definitely love its aroma!

This best light beer is a lot fruitier than I thought it would be from the aroma. There are a lot of fruits that you don't normally get in a beer like this, like apricots in particular. You don't get to pick the fruit out for long as the aggressive alcohol comes in quick and gives you some spice to enjoy up-front and then a defined warming to linger long after the sip. The beer itself is a whole lot thinner and easier to drink than I thought it would be from the aroma. There really is no carbonation to speak of, but the alcohol makes it come across the palate pretty quickly but leaving it mark. As you cleanse your palate with water and keep sipping the beer as it warms, the flavor profile keeps changing. Now it is coming across rather sweet on the lips with notes of slightly burnt honey, but now there is more hop bitterness becoming noticeable. 

Overall this is really a pretty good beer, so I have been pleasantly thrilled. All other beer reviews give it a positive mark. This beer isn't like other American brands so it is truly a must try. This beer is recommended on heavy dinner dates and different parties out there.

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  1. Is this available in the country?

  2. Ellaine T********aMay 14, 2013 at 4:20 PM

    matikman nga ito. san nabibili ito?

  3. Bernadeth Marie CortezJune 21, 2013 at 5:52 PM

    di ako umiinom ng alak pero ginagamit ko yun para pandagdag lasa sa mga pagkain. naghahanap nga ako ng ibat ibang lasa ng alak para alam ko kung ano bagay sa pagkain. gusto ko matry ihalo ito sa pagkain.