Buying your First Digital Camera

If you are interested with photography and would want to buy your very own digital camera, you must have to learn many things before buying it or else you will get disappointed and felt that your money is wasted. So better start jotting this few tips for you to consider.

Ask the expert

Asking the expert or have been in the digital photography for long time. It might be your friends, parents, loved ones and relatives. If you have no one to ask for, better go to the store where you can buy camera and start asking what to buy and what camera should you have to start with. Just don’t bring your money with you to make sure you will only be scanning and studying the camera stuff. Beware of marketing or the sales talk tactic.

Internet world will give you bunch of knowledge

After learning the basic thing about camera from the people you directly inquired, it is time to check it out for yourself. Internet will give you much information that you need to know. You can check Wikipedia for the basic information then check out websites and forum sites that give bunch of “what to do with your camera”, “what to buy” and other technical aspect.

Check your budget

It is now time to check out your budget after learning from the expert and from the internet. Your budget will be the second factor aside from your personal decision in choosing your first DSLR. There are a lot of cameras that would fit in to your budget. If you have problem on choosing your camera based on your budget, better do the first and second tip again.
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  1. magazine tips or should we say magazine written tips. this is a usual tips we get from magazine on how to and what to. useful tips though

  2. if you don't have someone to ask, you can always visit a forum for photographers they will give you great tips

  3. Great tips. Kailangan ko talaga itop lalo na plan ko bumili ng cam this month

  4. Bernadeth Marie CortezJune 21, 2013 at 5:36 PM

    sana tips din ng iba pang gamit for photography. gusto ko din kasi bumili ng lens at flash