Mark Villar urged Congress in creating "Department of OFWs" through House Bill No. 6637

Las Piñas Representative
Mark A. Villar
Las Pinas Representative Mark A. Villar sees the urgent need for the creation of a separate department for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to better uphold the welfare and address the unique requirements of migrant workers, who are contributing significantly to the country’s economy.

Villar filed House Bill No. 6637 seeking the creation of the Department of Overseas Filipino Workers (DOFW), “This umbrella organization will not only unify but also streamline the services for OFWs by having POEA and OWWA as attached agencies, together with bureaus and allied offices in order to adequately support and give assistance to the OFWs wherever they may be”, the bill cited.

“We owe so much to our OFWs, whom we even refer to as ‘modern day heroes’, so it is about time we offer them more assistance, benefits and protection. And we can provide them all of these when there is a dedicated department that will attend to their requirements. The proposed Department of OFWs can address all OFW-related concerns and issues,” said Villar.

OFW remittances continue to boost the country’s economy. The World Bank itself OFW remittances could reach $24 billion this year, making the Philippines the world’s third-largest recipient of remittances. It is even higher than the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’s (BSP) estimate of $21.5 billion for the entire 2012.

Villar also cited on his bill that the various confusions arising from the numerous agencies, organizations and bureaus related to OFWs is getting counterproductive and is creating more problems for OFWs, rather than solving their various concerns regarding employment, benefits etc.

“The number of OFWs in distress continues to rise. Our OFWs are getting into various legal tussles abroad regarding the terms of their employment; many suffer maltreatment and still many others get stranded in war-torn countries. They need assurance that there is an efficient and focused department that they can turn to back home here in the Philippines,” said Villar.
Villar’s bill also features the establishment of a permanent fund—the OFW Assistance Fund, intended to guarantee support to all Filipinos working abroad in times of contingencies, including the payment of blood money if need be and the creation of programs to support the reintegration and well being of OFW returnees.

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  1. di ba parang redundant ang mga trabaho kung may hiwalay na departamento? nagtatanong lang

  2. okay ito kung department na maghahandle ng trabaho ng mga agencies siguro para mabigyan ng benefits nag mga ofw at para mabawasan na o mawala na ung mga illegal na agencies kung saan madami nang nabibiktima n ofw. kung pagdating sa protection mahirap na ihandle yan dahil di naman naaapply ang batas sa pinas dun sa ibang bansa.

  3. Kung mananalo si Cynthia VIllar tapos itp yung gagawin ng anak niya, hindi imposible na masasabatas ito

  4. sana kasali pati benefits ng mga ofw at family nila kung sakalaing may mangyari sa kanila sa abroad.