Travel Time: Visit to Monasterio de Tarlac

Yesterday, January 19, 2013 is the Fiesta of Monasterio de Tarlac. Diocese of Tarlac did not hold a grand event but still can be considered as a well-organized and people can still enjoy the fiesta because of the inspiring and lively choir. Servant of the Risen Christ or SRC has humble beginning and still holding humble mass service and celebration during the Fiesta.

Add captionSan Jose, Tarlac Province

On the way to Monasterio, tourists may find it very relaxing to travel. San Jose, Tarlac has maintained its natural beauty while aiming to be top municipality in the province.Roads are either well maintained or newly built.

Monasterio de Tarlac Holy Eucharist

 Mass is simple but can still be found as special event because of the combined celebration and the relaxing natural beauty of San Jose, Tarlac.

Attendees at the Mass

 Fiestas are well-attended as thousands of people flock to participate in the yearly event which started in 1991. It was in 1991 that this Monasterio de Tarlac was established. People say that this Monasterio stayed longer and stronger because of the unceasing support of people of San Jose.

San Jose, Tarlac

Tourists tagged themselves as nature trip-pers will find San Jose, Tarlac as very good destination in the Philippines because of its untouched natural beauty that this town offers. This will be good alternative to Tagaytay or the whole Batangas. Just head up north of Metro Manila and travel for about four hours.

Monasterio de Tarlac, San Jose, Tarlac
 Monasterio de Tarlac has maintained and protected nature. Old people quoted an old saying, "closer to nature is closer to God". You can easily realized everything about yourself when you in very relaxing environment.

Statue of Christ, Monasterio de Tarlac

The statue of Christ located just few steps away from Monasterio, has attracted tourist because it is like what we are seeing in Chile.
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  1. u can see also this kind of place in zamboanga

    1. I think you can see this kind of place any good province in the Philippines.

  2. TheAnnoyingTravellerJanuary 27, 2013 at 5:18 AM

    Such a beautiful place.
    Must be there sooner at Monasterio in Tarlac.

  3. wow what camera did you use to take this picture

  4. nice view! love to spend my afternoon here.