After saying sorry, Alyansa ng Media at Showbiz endorse Misis Cynthia Villar

After apologizing to Filipino nurses for her remarks that tended to put them and nursing profession down, the Alyansa ng Media at Showbiz (AMS) Partylist yesterday declared their enthusiastic support to senatorial aspirant Cynthia Villar and two other senatorial candidates.

Veteran radio broadcaster and AMS first nominee Rolly Gonzalo said that despite the recent Villar’s glitches, “we believed that Villar would be a definite asset in the Senate if she gets elected.”

“Villar’s apology to nurses for her controversial statement on national television shows that she have good intentions to promote the welfare of women, children and family particularly the nursing profession,” Gonzalo explained.
“Villar’s plea for forgiveness can only be accorded to her if she seeks penance and would be willing to face the penalty of her shortcomings,” he added.

Former reporter and AMS third nominee Nick Ferrer also appealed to Filipino nurses and nursing students not to judge Villar on a comment that under the one-minute time limitand the thirty seconds allotted for a follow-up reply "quickly lapsed."  

Ferrer said that because of these controversy arising from Villar’s remark will make her more zealous about promoting the rights and welfare of Filipino nurses specifically the implementation of Republic Act No. 9173 also known as the Nursing Act of 2002, which increases the minimum salary of government nurses to around P24,000.
On the other hand, the United Fire Association of the Philippines, Inc. claimed that “let us not judge person by just one mistake in life, let’s learn how to understand that Villar has made a lot of support and assistance to different industries, not just nursing.”

In her apology, Villar appealed to the members Philippine Nurses Association “for having offended the feelings of their members. It was never my intention to belittle anyone, least of all, the valiant members of the nursing profession.”

Meanwhile, actor-director Leo Martinez, AMS second nominee, also announced that AMS will be endorsing and supporting administration senatorial candidate and UNA’s Jackie Enrile in the upcoming elections.

Martinez said the 6,000 strong-member of AMS firmly believed that Magsaysay and Enrile are qualified to be senators of the republic where they can push their advocacies, such as concern on senior citizens, education, food and security; and in various aspects.
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  1. Napahanga ako sa paghingi ng paumanhin ni Mrs. Cynthia Villar.

  2. Ano ba pagkakaiba ng ALAM at AMS? Showbiz lang ba diperensya?