Throwback Movie: Iron Man

Iron Man 1: Tony Stark takes a picture with a military personnel before being ambushed and abducted by the Afghan terrorist group called the Ten Rings. (Photo from YouTube)

Iron Man is a 2008 superhero movie featuring the Marvel Comics character produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Paramount Pictures. This is the first film of Iron Man film series.


A group of military in convoy drives in Afghanistan desert with Tony Stark, a billionaire weapons developer. While having good time with military, they suddenly attacked by unseen enemies. Tony was captured and forced to develop a weapon similar to what he invented for the military.

Instead of developing military weapon for the terrorist who also used his previously invented weapons, he developed an improvised Iron Man suit. He was able to escape after developing the suit and attacked the terrorist.

Tony confronts Obadiah regarding the use of the Starks weapons and technology. Pepper found out about the video involving Obadiah and the terrorist. Obadiah admitted that the he is the one who sold weapons to the terrorists.

Obadiah being pissed off with Tony tried to develop his own armored suit and destroy Tony. But Tony developed his improved armored suit and called it Iron Man.


The Iron Man story is a great introduction of Iron Man film series and the movie itself is a great one. Introducing Tony as billionaire, playboy and inventor only took few minutes to do.

Scene sequences are also good as it leaves no important details told.
Audio and visual effects to turn this movie are great. It keeps the nerves of the moviegoers stimulating.

Political sense of this movie is timely and relevant as it deals with current problems and alleged involvement of weapons developers and the terrorist in escalating terrorism in the world.

The film is somehow showing preview of current and upcoming weapons technology of the developed country.

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