Movie Review: The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a film adaptation of 1925 novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald of the same name.


The film seems to be theater stage performance level when it comes to acting performance of the cast. With little exaggeration of acting and obvious similarity to stage acting, the film can really fit in to what the film talks about and the time setting of the novel.

Leo DiCarpio's performance in The Great Gatsby was great. He was consistent all throughout. His co-actor, Tobey Maguire performed well playing Nick Carraway, the immediate neighbor of Jay Gatsby.

The computer generated imagery was heavily used in this film but went really well. However, the theatrical performance is overwhelmed by the CGI.

The tone of the language used was fitting to the era they are portraying. Retaining some words from the book are commendable. Toby Maguire was really great in doing so.

Baz Luhrmann respected F. Scott Fitzgerald's work with his stunning graphics, theatrical level of acting in a film, and retaining words and tone from the original text. The Great Gatsby went really well in telling a disastrous lifestyle and love story.
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