Entrepreneurship is Key to Financial Independence -Villar

Senator-elect Cynthia Villar urged the Filipinos to strive to become “financially independent” as the nation celebrates its Independence Day.

“I believe that the only way to empower people, especially the poor, is to help them to be economically or financially independent. We should not just give alms or dole outs; we should equip them with necessary skills and know-how so they can fend for themselves,” said Villar.

With still high unemployment rate of the country, Villar said entrepreneurship is the way to economic freedom and progress.

“Nowadays, poverty is what keeps people from becoming really independent. This is the reason why we have been promoting entrepreneurship as a way out of poverty for young and old people alike because it creates jobs,” Villar said.

She said people should not be afraid to start small businesses, especially the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). She emphasized that the absence of capital should not dissuade one from venturing into business because there are a lot of organizations that can lend capital.

She disclosed that their real estate company was born out of a small gravel and sand business.

“When Manny resigned from his job in 1975, he borrowed P10,000 from a bank and bought two second-hand trucks, which he used to deliver gravel and sand to real estate developers. With the help of God, coupled with sipag at tiyaga (perseverance and patience), our business grew until we became the biggest home builder in the country,” related Villar.

“Senator Villar and I are living examples of what entrepreneurs can accomplish and achieve,” added Villar.

Also known as “Misis Hanepbuhay”, Villar said she wants to review government’s incentives to businesses particularly to micro, small and medium enterprises as well as tax incentives to labor-intensive businesses that generate more employment to Filipinos such as manufacturing, and agriculture. 
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  1. I thought this was a real Financial tips or what. Sigh, this is a political blog post.

  2. may sarili naman akong negosyo malapit lang sa ust sa may dapitan. lumago yung negosyo kong kainan at madaming estudyante namimili ng pagkain na binabenta ko. nawala lahat nun nung pinaalis ako dun. buti na lang nahihila ko yung kariton ko.