Movie Review: Now You See Me

"Tonight, we are going to rob a bank." This is their first line during their first successful heist and magic show together performed in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Now You See Me is a higher level caper heist film about four magicians that was summoned secretly to deliver a mission and unveil banking and insurance secrets.


Four magicians were observed by mysterious man in the beginning of the film while they were performing their own respective magic. They were secretly given cards that summoned and organized them as a group. The four magicians were collectively called ‘Four Horsemen’.

One year later, they performed in Las Vegas wherein they robbed a bank in Paris and the money they stole were given to the audience. Later, it was confirmed that they really robbed the bank.

On the second performance and after they were released from FBI custody, the four performed another act wherein they stole the money from Arthur Tressler, an insurance magnate and apprarently their sponsor, and gave the money to the audience. They gave out the money electronically.

Since their acts were confirmed, the FBI has now chased them for their criminal activities. One of the four horsemen, Jack Wilder, was killed during the car chase.

The remaining magicians promoted their last act through YouTube which made FBI planned for their capture.


The whole film is worth watching. The first minutes of the film are already penetrating the nerves of the movie goers as the characters have already been showing the basic old magic tricks and make them wait for more.

The whole story is not predictable as there are twists and turns. You will never know who will be their next victim and what tricks they will do soon. There will be interesting twist in the end of the movie.

Now You See Me is a combination of heist and magic film. Deception is being shown to the audience while they have already done the heist long before the performance.

Having the character of Morgan Freeman who plays as former magician who get rich by revealing other magicians’ tricks make it more interesting. He theorized and revealed every move of the four horsemen.

This film also depicts some of today’s banking and insurance practices. The ‘Robinhood’ practice of the four horsemen are emphasized in the film.
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