June 2013 Top 5 News

Top 5 News of the Month is the latest from Round Juan. Topics vary from national issues, politics and government, entertainment, sports and other important news that clogged in almost all corners of newspapers.

Here's the Top 5 News of the Month of June

Top 5: Spurs and Heats collided in 7 game Finals series

The San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heats have won their respective Conference Finals to book their way to the NBA Finals. They went up to thrilling 7 games after they won and lost alternatively from Game 1 to 6. The Miami Heats led by half Filipino Coach Erik Spoelstra together with its Big Three - Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, won the deciding Game 7 and the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy. The Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy is awarded to the winning team in the NBA Finals.

Coincidentally, Game 6 of the series was scheduled during the birthday commemoration of the Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal. Facebook and Twitters have been heavily-fed by NBA and related post. Jose Rizal was almost forgotten by NBA Fanatics.

Top 4: Metro Manila Flooding, the Start of Tropical Storms

Students from different schools and universities have celebrated and felt discomfort when their classes were suspended. Celebration is for suspension. Discomfort is for their way home because of late suspension and flooded road. Students thought the negative side of suspension had more impact than celebration.

Students, office employees and executives are equal in this kind of situation, they feel the result of spastic planning and irregularities in government projects.

Top 3: Professional Squatting, the other Agent of Flooding

This is not an anti-poor statement but let's consider the informal settlers as the other agent or reason for flooding. They live not just near the waterways, they live in our waterways. These informal settlers have built their concrete shelters in most of our rivers, inlet canals and important creeks.

Concrete small buildings are obstruction to waterways that cause heavy flooding. Aside from these obstruction, most informal settlers do not have proper disposal system of their waste. In the first place, most settlers do not actually know the importance of disposing properly.

Top 2: Re-elected and newly elected Government officials sworn in to office

Election period is already over and winners have been proclaimed and took their oath to serve the people. In the Senate, President Aquino's allies have taken their oath in the Malacanan Palace. Manila and other cities and municipalities in the country has new and old mayors who gain fresh mandates have their own oath taking ceremonies.

Top 1: OFW Sex-for-flight

Abused and will be abused. This is how we can describe the sex-for-flight scheme which the OFW experienced from alleged perpetrator who supposed to help them from abusive employees abroad. Issue about this scheme done by our government officials abroad have bombarded news media. This calls the attentions of the different government agencies and officials. 
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  1. This is my first time make a comment on this website. I like this kind of summary. I wish the writer more luck. Round Juan did a great job.

    I was a bit guilty on Jose Rizal and NBA Finals topic.

  2. alisin na kasi ang mga informal settlers na yan at wag na bigyan ng pera! yung joke noon ay nagkatotoo na ngayon na ang mga tambay ay naswesweldohan. wala naman naitutulong sa gobyerno mga yan eh, panay problema pa ang pasakit nila sa mga nagbabayad ng tax.

  3. masama pa rin loob ko na natalo pa rin ang spurs. heheh

  4. Stop the abuse na kasi. Sana gumanda na yung ekonomiya ng Pilipinas para wala nang naalipin na pilipino sa ibang bansa. sana mapatunayan ng mga binoto natin na tama tayo ng pinili. baka lahat sakim sa pera na

  5. informal settlers or not even other company just dump their waste in the river.

  6. Malungkot ako nung National Heroes day. natalo kasi ang spurs huhuhu