Movie Reviews: On the Job (2013)

Filipino Movie: On The Job

On The Job movie tackles about the world of dirty Philippine politics, high-profile assassinations and realities about society.


It is rare for a Philippine movie to talk about dirty politics with depth stories. Erik Matti has managed to create one complex story. This project is excellent.
The film revolves around stories of four men – four main characters of the film. They have different backgrounds but complexed into one world.

The secret or open secret world of dirty politics was the center of the story. The story is well-detailed and very sophisticated crime drama. It is an eye-opener for many and further realization for some. It felt like that one’s knowledge is not enough about how dirty politics can be. We all know that lawmakers and other politicians are employing hitmen but we never knew how crimes are sophisticatedly done.

It is very rare also for a Philippine movie that it had more story than the script. Most of the Philippine films have focused more on stars rather than the characters and their stories. This one is a gem since they are more concerned with how they will tell you a story you need to know with less script.

Effects and sounds for this film are satisfying and convincing. Actors did well with their acting. Piolo Pascual, Joey Marquez, Gerald Anderson and Joel Torre were really good as main characters of this film. Subplots employ great supports for overall stories.

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