January 2014 Top 5 News

The Vhong Navarro Case has proven that celebrities are more attention-worthy to the Filipino people.

Top 5 News of the Month: BIFF, the peace spoilers

The government and the MILF is now nearing its terms but the Bangsomoro Islamic  Freedom Fighters launched attacks to spoil the peace negotiations.The signing of 'Annex of Normalization' of government and the MILF have caused the violent reaction of the BIFF.

The clashes in Maguindanao proved to be spoiler and bloody. There were about 37 Muslim rebels including a government soldier were killed. This number grows higher as the tension continues.

Top 4 News of the Month: The Wheel of Torture

The Commission on Human Rights revealed the torture scandal inside a jail in Binan, Laguna. The CHR said that this is a horrible human rights violation committed by the members of Laguna Provincial Police.

This scandal has been tagged as systematic torture or wheel of torture since accused were using roullete to know how to abuse the 22 inmate-victims.

Top 3 News of the Month:Bong Revilla's speech

Senator Ramon 'Bong' Revilla Jr. took his chance to answer the series of allegations against him by Benhur Luy over the Napoles-NGO Scams. He counter-accused through his privilege speech by telling all the revelations of Benhur Luy were all lies.

He accused President Noynoy Aquino of influencing him to vote against the then-Chief Justice Renato Corona during the impeachment trial. Throughout his speech, he continually question the 'Tuwid na Daan' of the president while he is exposing the president's wrongdoings.

Top 2 News of the Month: Vhong Navarro, Deniece Cornejo and Cedric Lee Condo Incidents

Filipinos were surprised and appalled when they saw their favorite noontime show host, Vhong Navarro, got bitten by gang of five people led by Cedric Lee.

The incident took place in Deniece Cornejo's condominium unit in Taguig City.

There were two side of confusing stories told by the camp of Vhong Navarro and the camp of Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo. This confusing stories were later on favoring Vhong as media presented the CCTV footage of the incidents.

Top 1 News of the Month: The Hunt for Rice Smugglers

The hottest issue this month is the rice smuggling which led to series of investigation by different government agencies such NBI, Bureau of Customs, NFA and local government units.

One of the local government units that were reacting to this issue is the Davao City. The city's local chief, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, reacted to this after BIR Chief Henares requested his assistance in investigating illegal activities in his area. Mayor Duterte threatened the smugglers in his city by killing them once caught.

David Tan or David Bangayan is one of the accused in this rice smuggling issue. He appeared before the Senate and NBI to defend himself that he is not smuggler but a legitimate importer. The Senate is conducting series of hearings lead by Senator Cynthia Villar to further help in investigation of this case.
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