Movie Review: Captain America, The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Captain America, Black Widow, Falcon, Maria Hill and Nick Fury found their way in the middle of Hydra infiltrated SHIELDS. (Photo from Captain America Facebook page)

SHIELDS and Captain America continues to operate to terminate terrorists. Little did they know is that SHIELDS has been infiltrated by their old fierce rival, Hydra.


Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff were sent by fury to rescue hostages from a ship boarded with mercenaries. In the middle of the mission, Steve discovered Natasha has other mission, to extract files from the ship.

Captain America confronted Nick Fury about the other mission of Natasha during the rescue mission. Fury briefed Captain about the SHIELDS project called Project Insights.

Fury, being unable to open the file, began to doubt about the project and that SHIELDS might have been compromised. There was an attempt to assassinate him in the middle of the road with many imitated police cars chasing him and the appearance of the so called Winter Soldier. Winter Soldier finally succeeded in killing Nick in Steve’s apartment.

Steve stuck with Fury’s advice to trust no one, he was labeled as traitor by SHIELDS and ordered to hunt him down. Steve approached Romanoff in order to trace down information. They reached out Sam Wilson for help.

With the three, they tried to investigate Hydra operation but in the middle of the pursuit and gunfire, Steve discovered that the Winter Soldier he is fighting is his friend. They were captured by Hydra acting as police but was able to escape with the help of Maria Hill, Nick Fury’s trusted officer.

Discovering that Fury is still alive, they planned to stop the plan of Hydra but Steve decided to destroy the project and the ships altogether to stop further terrorist activities.


Captain America: Winter Soldier continues with its political theme and message regarding military, politics and democracy. The story connects the history with contemporary international political concerns, technological issues and societal problems. It shows that there is still tendency that people will be willing to give up freedom for security.

Winter Soldier seems to be more realistic than the other Marvel films and even the Captain America: the First Avenger. It is more physical actions and realistic gunfire. This can be comparable with heist and Mission Impossible or James Bond films except for the part of Falcon, a flying soldiers.

Story connects and reconcile all Marvel films while connecting history, politics and some stories from comics. It relives the first Captain America film. Also, it prepares for another Marvel Cinematic Universe film in the end of the movie.

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