Travel Time: The Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg

Winter Palace Saint Petersburg

Every country has a palace that is considered as a residences for either monarchy or national government. For the past history of Russia, The Winter Palace was the official residence of their monarch until the formation of new government and the Soviet government.

Winter Palace played an important role in the history of Russian government. Bloody revolutions and executions took place in this place.

Today, Winter Palace is not just a palace for government or any monarch. Although it was constructed to let the world know that the Imperial Russia is a superpower, Winter Palace is now a place every tourist should consider visiting when they get in Saint Petersburg.

Museum, library and amazing halls can be found inside Winter Palace. As they say, you will learn many things about Russia when you finish your tour. Well, it is true that you will learn alot. It is will be a tourist and learning experience.

Winter Palace Saint Petersburg
Showcasing their 'Horse Power'
Winter Palace Saint Petersburg
One of the best ceilings we have seen.

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