Food to Take After Eating Food with Chili

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What is common from Bicol Express, Laksa and Tom Yum, aside from being an Asian food? All are known to be very hot and spicy. Many find these dishes to be very delicious especially for those who have high tolerance with spicy food or have gotten used to eating spicy food.

Capsaicin is the compound that causes that hot burning feeling inside our mouth every time we eat chili. It is an oil substance that sticks on our tongue. It does not actually hurt our tongue. It just triggers the sensory gland of the tongue and send message to the brain that the mouth is burning. This is the reason why we react immediately grabbing something cold that will wash down the spiciness.

For the people who have a low tolerance for hot and spicy food here are a few tips on how to quickly remove the burning feeling inside the mouth.

DO NOT GRAB AN ICE COLD WATER. If you think this will actually help you, it will not. It will only give you a few moments of relief but after you swallow the water, you will feel the pain again. It will only spread the heat across the surface of your mouth.

SUGAR/CANDY. Aside from water. Some say that sugar or candy is a good remedy to ease the burning feeling but it is not as good as other remedies. It will only coat the mouth for a while but it won’t relief you from the spiciness.

FOOD WITH CARBS. Bread and rice are said that it can ease the burning after eating this kind of food. It absorbs the oil of Capsaicin so it won’t spread and it won’t stay in your mouth for long.

ALCOHOL. When I say alcohol it is not the one that is used for cleaning wounds. You might enjoy this remedy because any alcohol drink can remove the burning feeling inside your mouth. Alcohol can actually dissolve oil like Capsaicin. Just make sure it is cold not warm.

CITRUS FRUITS.  Citrus fruits are rich from citric acid. Acid can slightly dissolve oil that is why citrus fruit is also an effective way to fight the hotness of spicy food. It is best to sprinkle some sugar to before eating citrus fruit to lessen the sourness of the fruit.

MILK/ DAIRY PRODUCTS. Milk, butter, yogurt and cheese are very effective to fight the burning feeling inside your mouth. It is because its fat content that made these food a great remedy for spicy food. Capsaicin is soluble with other fat or oil.

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