Movie Marathon for Kids this Holiday

By Neil Gregori Garen

Looking for some movies to watch this holiday season for all children at home? Here are the movies to watch this Christmas until New Year's eve.

First Movie: The Croods, 2013
Image from the Dreamworks Wikia

The Croods is a story about a family living in the pre-historic era or the time when the world is still shaping to what it is now. It is shown in the movies how the family lived in the jungle and cave. Their ways of getting food to eat are hunting and picking up random fruits in the jungle.

This is something you can enjoy with the kids at home at this tackles sort of history of man-kind presented in a funny animation. There's lot of action and funny scenes that kids will truly enjoy.

Second Movie (Series): Toy Story (3 Movies, Various Years)
From the Facebook page of Toy Story

Holidays are all about toys for the kids and the Toy Story series are the best movie to watch about toys.

The series is all about Andy's toys who pretend to be lifeless toys whenever Andy and his family come near to them. Andy's toys was lead by Woody, a sheriff cowboy toy, and Buzz Lightyear, a space ranger action figure.

Completing this set will surely be a complete happiness for kids at home. Make sure to watch accordingly.

Third Movie: Wall-E, 2008

This is another cute animation created by Pixar Animations. This is about an old robot doing the same thing all over again everyday and is surviving the planet Earth as he was alone. Until one day that there was a planet ship came and landed a newer robot that will detect life on earth. The discovery of life in Earth led the struggle of fat and lazy generation of mankind of rediscovering life without the help of robots.

This movie teaches values of socializing with people is better than social media and having healthy lifestyle. You can have a little discussion about the movie after watching it for the kids to apply in real life what they have seen in the movie.

Fourth Movie: How to Train Your Dragon films (Various Years)
From the Facebook page of How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon revolves around the lives of the Vikings, a community of strong warriors who fight and protect themselves against the dragon. The main character was Hiccup, son of the chief. He is a small and physically weak compared to the other Vikings but more than willing to fight for the community and dedicated to kill a dragon. His discovery of the night fury dragon and other kinds of dragons made him realized that dragons are not dangerous contrary to the long established beliefs of the Vikings. Sharing his knowledge about his discovery was a struggle, however, at the end of the first film, the Vikings were convinced and made the dragons their pets.

Fifth Movie: UP, 2009
From the Facebook page UP 2009 Film

UP is story about an old man, Carl, who is still willing to fulfill the dreams of his and his wife's dream of going to South America. He turned his house into an airship after the court has decided to turn him over to the retirement home. However, on his way to South America, he had an unwanted passenger. Russel is a boy scout who is dedicated to earn his last badge for helping an elderly.

The film revolves around these two characters who are willing to fulfill their goals, one his promise to his wife and the other one is to have the last badge. This is an adventure film full of values to learn from.

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  1. How to train your dragon has a sad plot. I missed my dad.

    1. I missed my dad, too, because of this.