Five Fruits to Take Away Holiday Fats

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After a two week vacation and a never ending fatty, high cholesterol, uric acid food like chicharon, sisig, barbeque and lechon, it is time to end this future suffering of having excessive and unwanted fats. Let’s switch this diet to a healthy one and make this the beginning of a prolonged healthy lifestyle.

So, to be happy in the future and for sure you will know it after trying this for a month or forever, here are the five fruits common for most of recommended fruit diets.


Other than being famous for the song and dance in the Philippines, this fruit is known for its nutritional benefits. Papaya is rich in vitamin C which helps boost you immune system, improves circulation of blood to avoid heart disease.

Papaya is also rich in fiber.  High fiber fruit can make you feel stuffed so it is best to eat this fruit before having a meal.   Papaya is also rich in B vitamins which help your nerves and brain to be more efficient.

Papaya is known for its enzyme papain used to tenderized meat. It can help the digestive system to melt down protein or meat and to avoid bowel movement problems.


They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away and this is actually true. This fruit is a natural detoxification for our body because this removes the toxins, fat, salt, sugar, cholesterol and fat from our body faster.

If you eat a one whole piece of apple, you only consume 100-120 calories only. This fruit does not only make you feel full but also it makes you healthy. This is because it is rich in Vitamin C and also famous for its anti-aging benefit.

Cantaloupe (Melon)

This melon fruit is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, potassium and fiber. This fruit is also a natural detoxification and an antioxidant which help prevent cancer, heart and heart diseases. This fruit is high in protein which helps strengthen our muscles especially during workout.
Melon is also rich in vitamin A which helps our eyes to have a better sight and to be able to prevent macular degeneration.


From the name itself this fruit contains more or less 90% of water depending on how ripe it is. It is great for weight loss diet because this fruit is full of fiber, vitamin C and water which hydrates our body, boost our metabolism and prevents our body to consume fat.

This fruit is rich in lycopene and beta-carotene. Lycopene, like the tomato, helps fight cancer because it is an antioxidant agent. It removes and prevents toxins from damaging our body. It also makes our skin look younger and protects our skin from sunburn.


Banana is from being rich in potassium. The benefit of potassium is, it lower blood pressure and make the system of our heart normal. This means that this mineral lessens the risk of heart disease.

Aside from being rich in potassium it is also rich in vitamin B6 which makes our brain and nerves healthy and productive. It even boost our emotion when feeling depresses to make us feel happy.

Banana is also a natural energy which is as good as or better than carbonated energy drinks. Other benefits are it helps control the speed of digestion, makes our bones stronger and a natural antacid as treatment for hyperacidity and heartburn.

This is just a list of common fruit diets but please do not limit yourself with just these fruits. You can eat any kind of fruits and vegetables as long as it is a source of vitamins, minerals, high in fiber and an anti-oxidant agent.

I suggest that instead of not eating other food, try eating a normal meal but lessen your meat and rice intake and eat more fruit and vegetables. That way your stomach is still full but you’ve taken lesser calories.
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