Five War Movies to Watch this New Year

By Neil Gregori Garen

Let’s start the year right by watching five movies before this Holiday breaks come to an end. Since it is New Year Celebration, let’s watch action-packed movies. Let’s pick five war movies that happened in real life or have gotten story from history. This could be better than lighting firecrackers.

First Movie: Lone Survivor, 2013
Mark Walhberg in Lone Survivor (Photo from Lone Survivor Facebook page)
This is a real life story about a failed mission of a group US Navy Seals who were tasked to kill a Taliban terrorist leader, Ahmad Shah, in Afghanistan. The story revolves mainly about the last stand of four US Navy Seals that were sent for the mission.

This will be an interesting film for movie-goers and watchers who love watching war films because the film mainly shows how the group of four US Navy Seals tried to survive against group of Taliban terrorists for hours.

 Second Movie: Saving Private Ryan, 1998
(From the Saving Private Ryan Facebook page)
The film was set during the Battle of Normandy during the Second World War and about a paratrooper, James Ryan, who is the last surviving brother of four serviceman. The US Government gathered and ordered group of soldiers who will save Private James Francis Ryan and bring him to his grieving mother. As discovered, Private Ryan is still fighting and defending a strategic place and refused to go with the soldiers tasked to bring him back home.

You’ll find in this movie how Vin Diesel slowly starting his career. This is few of his movies before he became superstar. You will all like the historical significance of this film because it depicts what really happened in the Battle of Normandy.

Third Movie: Inglourious Basterds, 2009
Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds (Photo from Inglorious Basterds Facebook page)
Inglourious Basterds is one of the Nazi war inspired movies and it was directed by Quentin Tarantino. This film is about a group of eight American-Jews who pledged to kill Nazis in France with no mercy and no take no prisoners. Their number grew by one when they met a German who killed Nazis soldiers. They were also joined by group of conspirators who are to kill Nazis and Adolf Hitler.

Although the story is fictional about Nazi-occupied France, the story depicts how the Germans kill the Jews and how they terrorize France with their arms. This is a war, drama and comedy movie in one. Brad Pitt made this film even better with his acting.

Fourth Movie: Valkyrie, 2008
Tom Cruise in Valkyrie (Photo from Valkyrie Facebook Page)
This is again a war film about Nazi and the Second World War. The story revolves a Nazi officer who conspired with the other German Army officers to kill Adolf Hitler, take over the country and to end the World War. Operation Valkyrie is a mission to take over the country but failed.

Tom Cruise portrayed the main character, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, a German officer who is part of the plot to kill Adolf Hitler. Valkyrie is one of the best real life and historical film one can see about how the German officers tried to stop Adolf Hitler by killing him.

Fifth Film: Black Hawk Down, 2001
(Photo from Black Hawk Down Facebook page)

Black Hawk Down is a film adaptation of Battle of Mogadishu, Somalia in Africa between the United States of America and the Somalian militia that happened in 1993. A mission is planned to capture the two top advisers of Somalia’s self-declared president and leader of the militia.

Similar to the other films on the list, this film is a gory film as many soldiers and militia men were killed. All throughout this film, hard actions and shooting will be seen. There will be no fast forward button will be pushed if the film is being watch on computers or laptops.

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  1. Nice compilation for a marathon movie. War films are the best genre for me.

  2. These movies are not only for new year but a good suggestion though.
    Ima watch it.

  3. I love this nerve craking movie list. Not the best list but a good one.