The Simple Reasons Why Pope Francis is a Pop Star in the Philippines

Pope Francis with Patriarch Bartholomew I of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Photo from the Wikipedia)

Pope Francis has arrived in the Philippines and everyone is at craze. People are either in craze because they are excited seeing a Pope after 19 years of waiting or people are bashing why most people, especially Catholics and the media, are in craze like their human idols.

I say, let’s stop bashing and let’s start celebrating.

I am not a Catholic neither one of the Pope’s billions of fanatic in the world but I am not of those who bash against the Pope.

Pope Francis as a Leader

For everyone to know, Pope Francis is the Head of State of the Vatican. It means that he is like a President or Prime Minister of a country. Pope Francis is like President Barrack Obama of the United States, Prime Minister David Cameron of Great Britain and Ireland, Saudi Arabia’s Abdullah ibn Abdilazīz and the Philippines’ Benigno Aquino III.

Pope Francis is both a religious leader among Catholics and a leader of a country who visited the Philippines. This is not just a religious activity but an activity between two countries. The Vatican wanted to make sure that the victims of Typhoon Yolanda are now recovering from the said disasters.
The Philippines need help from other countries after many disasters in 2013. Pope’s visit can remind international communities about what happened and this might continue the assistance we need from other countries.

Pope Francis as a Catholic Leader

Although the Filipino people are happy and excited seeing the Pope, Pope Francis made sure that the focus of his papal visit in the Philippines should be Jesus by continuously telling them about it. He told that he is just a guardian that guides and protects people from a corrupt thoughts, ideas and practices of the world.

In this corrupt country, the Philippines need a guide and a protector against inequality and corruption. Pope Francis is a hope of this ailing nation. We honestly and practically need a hope that we cannot see in almost all leaders.

Pope Francis as Normal Person with Extra-ordinary Responsibilities

Pope Francis is just a normal person with extra-ordinary responsibilities. He advocates and works to fight poverty, inequality and corruption. With these responsibilities, he asked people to pray for him to able to fulfill all the duties which were entrusted to him.

Similar to other president, he is the executive leader of Vatican with a heart for the people. He took his shoes to more steps by reaching hands not just in the Philippines but also for all people regardless of faith, religion or political ideologies.

Media and People Attention

The hype and attention being given to Pope Francis is justifiable from the above given points of view. Again, Pope Francis is both the Head of the State of Vatican and Father to six billion Catholics in the world or eighty million plus Catholics in the Philippines.

It is like feast of different saints being celebrated in different localities across the country where there are cancellations of work and classes. This is a celebration of two countries. The Philippines and the Vatican are helping each other in re-building the country and our faith and hope

The Three Rockstar Popes of the New Millennium, Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis  (Photo from different Facebook pages)

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