Food Review: Tokyo Joe's California Maki and Gyoza

Tokyo Joe's California Maki in heart and tear-drop shapes

We tried for the first time after long period of curiosity of how good Tokyo Joe is. We have been hanging around University Mall in Taft Avenue, Manila and been passing through this Japanese restaurant. We tried two of their offerings to see how good their dishes are and here's the verdict:

The plating of the Tokyo Joe’s California Maki is very relevant for this month’s heart day. The presentation has two hearts and one tear drop shape. It is also topped with Japanese Mayo following the pattern of different shapes of the California Maki.

The taste of the California Maki is a bit bland. Because of its shape, the rice wrapped around the filling is too much or too thick. It overlaps the taste of other ingredients instead of having the purpose of balancing the taste of the other ingredients.

Other than having thick rice, the ingredients inside the California Maki are too small. The cucumber, peach and crabstick are not proportional with the thickness of rice.

The texture of the California Maki is just right. It is not sticky and it is also not dry.

Tokyo Joe's Gyoza

The Gyoza of the Tokyo Joe is a bit sour. The dough wrapper of Gyoza is too thick specially the top part of the Gyoza. The traditional way to cook Gyoza is steamed or pan-fried. This Gyoza was deep fried which is why it is hard to bite. 
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  1. The Food Critic PrincessAugust 8, 2015 at 4:33 PM

    I really, totally, super duper agree with the review. This restaurant seems so cute outside but some of their food are not that appetizing, so disappointing and not well prepared. Sorry but not sorry with my comment.