Movie Review: Project Almanac

Project Almanac is an experiment of group of high school students who tried to continue the time machine design. (Photo from Project Almanac Facebook page)

Using time machine might go wrong and you have to go back to prevent the same you that invented and used it.


David and his friends plan to rediscover the time machine design left behind by David's dad. They plan to use it to correct what has gone wrong in their past. But little by little, each one of them disappears.

They realized that they were wrong in making time machine works. They re-fix it and plan to go back in time to make sure that they won't build the time machine in the past.


Project Almanac camera movement is the most noticeable in the film – very irritating. Documentation effects could have been backed up by traditional filming to avoid shaky camera movements in the whole film.

The film story has no depth nor creativity. It seems a remake of all teen and science with time machine movies. Its documentary concepts cannot even match average documentary videos done by average college students.

This maybe good as television series. It needed more explanation and sub-stories.
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