Movie Review: Ex Machina

Ex Machina. Ava is an AI robot but was developed to think more than AI can do including escaping and having emotion. (Photo from Ex Machina Facebook page)

Ex Machina is a science psychological thriller film about Caleb won the lottery at his own company where he works for but he ended up talking with human-like robots which is being developed into more than an AI robot who could think and have emotions.


Caleb, a young programmer working at the company that runs the most popular search engine in the world won the lottery from the company he works for. He will spend a week at the private mountain belonging to the CEO of the company, Nathan.

When Caleb arrived at the mountain, he expected a party but instead was asked to part of the research program of Nathan, developing a robot with artificial intelligence.

Caleb was to interact with Ava, an AI robot in which Nathan is experimenting. Little did Caleb know that Nathan developed Ava to have an emotion similar to the people and gave her a gender which is not typical to any robots.

Caleb and Ava planned on escaping the mountain but was told that seducing Caleb into escaping is part of the experiment and Nathan was successful in developing such AI robot.


This is a state-of-the-art movie about an artificial intelligence and the first time in showing the development process of developing such technology.

The plot was well-sequenced as to show how the development of future technologies and the advanced process of making an artificial intelligence.

Characters have shown the usual but stereotyped personalities of programmer in this film. Nathan may have been body building buff but it shows the other usual dispositions of a programmer. Caleb is young programmer with outlook of junior employee working for an IT company.

The place is well-suited for advanced technology and it shows the future of home development. Everything is suited for the stereotyped programmer but of course, won’t apply to all but offensive.

This will show how humans can develop an AI that almost similar to what humans have in the future. Emotions are embedded in the minds of AI, a first time in a non-action movie. A different AI compared to the JARVIS developed by Tony Stark in Marvel films.

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