Movie Review: Get Hard

Get Hard
Get Hard. A buddy and comedy film full of hardcore stereotyping jokes about race and gays with a story of typical frame up in a hedge fund or stock market business. (Photo from Get Hard Facebook page)

Get Hard is a buddy comedy film about James who are about to get jailed for his alleged fraudulent activities as hedge fund manager but taps the service of Darnell to prepare his life in jail.

James King is a successful hedge fund manager of the Barrow Funds owned by Martin Barrow. James’s success was a threat to Martin even he dates Martin’s daughter. Martin set up James and sent him to jail for illegal transfer of money and other fraudulent acts.
Darnell Lewis was hired by James to prepare his life in jail. James assumed that Darnell is an ex-convict because he is a black guy.

Get Hard can be really offensive even Kevin Hart and other African Americans are in the film portraying and participating in the harsh stereotyping jokes. Well, if you are that sensitive.
Re-creating some old films with rape, prison and racist jokes are tiresome. This film is about that old kind of movies. Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell had funny scenes but most of the scenes are boring. Will Ferrell fails to be consistent in the film or the other casts failed to back him up. Kevin Hart is consistent in his jokes but his acts were a bit exaggerated.
If moviegoers are not too critic, they will surely enjoy the film. Just don’t be too sensitive.

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