Movie Review: Paul Blart Mall Cop 2

Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 is set in Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas as mall guards take a vacation and attend an annual convention of mall guards. (Photo from Facebook page)

Paul Blart will attend an annual convention for mall guards in Las Vegas Nevada. Instead of having time in his vacation, he uncovered something and his service is unexpectedly needed.


After six years, Paul Blart is still a body of a mall but suffered misfortune in his life. He was divorced few days after his marriage and her mother was killed by a milk truck while picking up the newspaper in the morning.

His misfortune was suddenly eased when he was invited for a seminar in one of the luxurious hotel in Las Vegas.  In an expected event, his extra services are needed once more with the help of his fellow mall guards.


Paul Blart 2 is funnier than the first movie. However, Kevin James needed more characters to do so. It could have been funnier if the other four mall guards had more participation to the discovery, fast-paced investigation and chasing of criminals doing heist inside the hotel.

If they want a third installment, they should lessen the drama part like the father-daughter scenes and focus on chasing and re-inventing Paul Blart since the character in the first and second movie is similar considering it took six years before they came up with another movie.

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