Movie Review: Jurassic World

More dangerous and faster new modified and hybrid Indominus rex will destroy the Jurassic World. (Photo from Jurassic Park Facebook page)

Jurassic World is an intense and thrilling adventure science fiction film and the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park series.


Jurassic World was established by investors and scientist to preserve and culture dinosaurs. However, some scientists have developed an intelligent and yet dangerous dinosaur, Indominus rex.

Indominus rex attacked and eat humans but spared the lives of other dinosaurs.

The chase for the terrifying dinosaur caused the lives of some troopers including its commander. The whole theme park is in danger.

Owen Grady, his team of raptors and another t-rex helped in defeating and killing the killer monster in a final encounter.


This is one of the best dinosaur film in years. The producers of this film exceed the expectation in terms of state of the art visual and sound effects. Acting of the characters are all praiseworthy as it seems they are in the real Jurassic world.

Thrill was mixed with some funny scenes especially when Zach and Gray Mitchell finally found their aunt, Claire, and asked who Owen is and they won’t let Owen be out of their sight.

Everything is seem realistic and way better than the first three Jurassic films.

Storyline and sequences are almost perfect and thrilling. This will be loved by moviegoers as it lived with its promises and expectation.
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