Movie Review: Ant-Man 2015

Another Marvel Sci-Fi Film, Ant-Man, will engage your eyes and ears from beginning to the end with its full action, slight comedy and some touching scene. (Photo from Ant-Man Facebook Photo)

Scott Lang, a notorious criminal will turn into a Marvel Super Hero after he was recruited by former S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist, Hank Pyms. This criminal turn super hero is actually a loving father so you’ll be touched by the father-daughter relationship plot of this movie.


Hank Pyms resigned from S.H.I.E.L.D. after learning that his invention is being replicated as he felt that if the invention will go to the wrong hand, it mean danger to humankind.

Years later, he learned that Darren Cross, his protégé, is dead serious in replicating his invention. Hank planned for the destruction of his discoveries by recruiting Scott Lang, a former prisoner who managed to enter the most sophisticated and secured facility in the world.

Scott Lang and his friends tried to steal from a house for one last time but later found out it was a bust. However, Scott found a biker’s suit during the heist and took it.

Scott tried the suit and pushed the button found in his hand. He later turned into ant-sized man. He heard a strange voice and ran as fast as he could to avoid being drowned in the tub. After the incident, he decided to return the suit but he was caught by the police after.

Scott was anointed by Hank to be the Ant-Man. Hank helped him get out of prison by using ants and flies. He trained with Hank’s daughter, Hope, to be able to infiltrate the Avenger’s camp in New York and destroy the facilities owned by Darren Cross.

With the help of his friends, Scott managed to enter into the facilities. He was caught by Dane in the middle with some Hydra’s men. Ant-Man and Yellow Jacket worn by Darren fought until they got into Scott’s daughter.

Some details are not written here so you would really enjoy the film.


This movie is a combination of action, science fiction, comedy and little father-daughter drama. No boring part as all scenes are as important as the other one.
Fighting scenes are worth watching and laughing for especially during the last part of the film. Introduction to how Ant-Man got into the scene is worth paying attention just like any other Marvel films.

Ant-Man is a good family movie especially for fathers’ day but for some scenes with bad language, it is not really recommendable for those families with restriction on bad language.


Ant-Man will be joining the Avengers in the future movies as he is being recruited by Falcon, who was actually part of the Ant-Man movie.
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  1. Love this movie. I have been waiting for years for this movie. :)

  2. Seriously, this freak is awesome as hell.

    1. cudnt agree more

  3. havent seen this one. this is a must see. been a month

  4. gusto ko tong mapanood sa avengers #AvengerAddict

  5. TEn-Tene-nen-te-nenAugust 30, 2015 at 3:44 PM

    ASTIG MEEN! ganda ng movie sobra! gusto ko ulit kaso mahal ang bayad sa sinehan hehe.

  6. Effects and plot ng story - Thumbs up! ang galing! bravo marvel!