Movie Review: Minions the Movie

The Royal Cuteness. Bob, Kevin and Stuart tried their luck in their own film, the Minions Movie.

The highly anticipated cute minions in their own separate film and prequel to the Despicable Me animated films, Minions the Movie, have surpassed the standards of kids, at least.


The cuteness begins when they were just little sea creatures who were following the strongest and fiercest animals found in the ocean until they were developed in their current form. With their current minion form, they followed strongest creature until they reached the shore where they found T-Rex, the last existing dinosaur.

Little touch of history were shown in the film. From the earliest development of animals to Jurassic era up to the time of Egypt civilization and Napoleon Bonaparte’s quest, these minions aspired to serve the super villains and strongest men of history. They were also the cause of their masters’ death.

Minions were depressed when after years of searching of the most villainous men and seeing them die, they failed to settle for a master to serve. Bob, Kevin and Stuart decided to search for their master and travel far away from the rest of the minions. They searched until they found Scarlett Overkill, a super villain who wanted to be a ruler of the world by conquering first England.

Bob, Kevin and Stuart were tasked to get the Royal Crown of England from the young Queen Elizabeth. The mission turned out the other way and making Bob as King. Scarlett Overkill chased down the three minions and made herself a queen.

In the last part of the movie, Gru appeared by stealing the crown from Scarlett which amazes the minions. The young Gru also appeared in the stage when Scarlett Overkill is searching for fellow villains who can work for her. Find it carefully in the film.


The Minions movie is a good film to watch for kids but not for all adults who wanted more than cuteness. Chasing and running from villain, Scarlett will make the kids so excited and thrilled. Adults will somewhat enjoy the cuteness whenever the minions talk to each other.

The cuteness is still there but not as cute in the previous Despicable Me films where they play only supporting characters. Adults will enjoy scenes with continuous conversations of the minions while kids will enjoy the entire animated film.

Its action like chasing time and cuteness are the reason to watch the film. It is worth your money and time. You will laugh and say, “Minions are cute”, when they talk and say ‘Banana’.

The Minions movie is 8 out 10 as an adult in overall rating. If as a kid at heart the animated film is 10.5 out 10.

After Watching

Adults may introduce different stories as history to your kids in relation to the plots shown in the film. The evolution time, dinosaur era, the conquest of Napoleon Bonaparte and the crowning of young Queen Elizabeth are worth time sharing with the kids, if you know it all. These will support the kids’ imagination after watching the film.
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  1. I must agree with the review because the minions are so overrated in this film. The expectation was too high and the producers have not met it. Minions were better with the despicable me movies. They must stick to it. On the other hand, this movie is a good presentation on how minions met Gru. We might never know how they have met along the way without this movie. But, when I come to think of it, their history might still be told in some despicable me series.

  2. They say that this movie, along with other despicable movies, is satanic.

  3. Is minion movie really about illuminati?

  4. They are still so damn cute!