Things To Do At Home During Rainy Season

Make reading books a leisure during vacation or suspended rainy days. It will be worth it.

1. Read Books, Magazine and Old Random Books

Unless it is brownout, reading is one thing you should consider during rainy season. Most of the time, it is hard to go out and find something to do and will make you bored. Reading can help you fight boredom because it can juice up your imagination with the stories or histories you are getting from books.

2. Movie Marathon

Sure this one is fun for those who live in stressful world. Make it more exciting when you plan what to watch. The best movies you should have are those trilogies or movie series with continuing stories like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Batman, Avengers, and other DC Comis and Marvel films. Make sure you should arrange them accordingly especially those like Star Wars, the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit series, and those Marvel series (Iron Man, Captain America, Avengers, and Thor)

3. Learn to Cook

Learning to cook is learning how to prepare for the future life or improve your future life. It is fun and fulfilling especially when your tummy is very well satisfied and your loved ones' tummies are full. You'll never regret having this kind of skill. It is a good point for your life. 

Cooking is best way to warm yourself when it is so cold inside and outside of your home.

4. Exercise

Sure thing that rainy season will bring cold weather. Exercise will keep you warm and productive. Don't let the cold weather call you for the bed weather. Be productive and do not sleep a lot. Exercising every day will keep your body warm and your brain active.

5. Play Card or Board Games

Playing card games alone will keep you busy but playing with your siblings is way better. Your intelligence, wit and madness will be unleashed once more. This will tempopary unbond your closeness with loved ones while playing the games but it will have long term positive results of bonding.

6. Food Trip

If all you know is eat then food trip is on your number one list. Just make sure you don't go on excess. Share and eat food together with your loved ones. Try something new or cook something new for you to eat. Do experiment in cooking and do experiment in eating.

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  1. done all of those, folks, but still gets me boring.. you must come up with more list to better things up..

  2. The writer must be sort of historian and political savvy trying to do tips.lols

  3. Exercise during rainy season? This will turn into BED Weather day