A Visit to Ayala Museum in Makati

A visit at the Ayala Museum will take you to thousand years of Philippines. It might be located at the heart of Makati and seemingly short trip for those who work in the financial capital of the country, but the experience of visiting this place will be worth it.

During our visit, Ayala Museum has limited time exhibition of Maestro Amorsolo's painting entitled, Giyera: War in the Eyes of Maestro Amorsolo. It will on display until October 11, 2015. Maestro Amorsolo's set of paintings are the first set visitors will see since it is situated at the ground floor of the lobby.

Visitors will surely enjoy and take time seeing paintings of Fernando Amorsolo, Juan Luna and Fernando Zobel on the third floor of the museum. We recommend that taking time observing their art work will make feel relaxed with the exhibited paintings and the overall ambience. Actually, it is the most relaxing and romantic place in the museum.

History savvy will have their heart on the exhibits on A Millennium of Contact, Embroided Multiples, Gold of Ancestors, Maritime Vessels, and the Diorama Experience exhibit sections. These exhibits will showcase the history of Philippines, contacts with foreigners, and early developments of Philippine politics.

Only limited sections are allowed to take pictures. This is to preserve paintings and exhibits, and also for everyone to experience personally.

Detail dioramas will take you from the early known history of the Philippines up to the recent history.

These maritime vessels will give you a sneak peak of the past.

You can compare your heights with Aetas, Malays, the past presidents, the conquistadors, national heroes and other important figures in the Philippine history.

There are 60 dioramas. An hour of reading and looking on all those exhibited will not be enough.

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