August 2015 News Trends

INC controversies continues. INC held protest against the government's intervention over the conflicts in Iglesia Ni Cristo invoking 'Separation of State and the Church. (Photo by Inquirer)

Top Trend News No. 5: Election 2016 fever

With the announcement and declaration of the Liberal Party last month, July 2015, the election fever continues. DILG Secretary Mar Roxas is still pursuing Senator Grace Poe to be his running mate and for the Liberal Party to continue to dominate political arena comes 2016. Sen. Grace Poe has yet to announce her candidacy.

The Nationalist People's Coalition Party has held different meetings with different candidates to weigh in their united or divided support to different presidential aspirant in this coming Philippine presidential election.

Senator Bongbong Marcos, son of former President Ferdinand Marcos, is being wooed by Vice President Binay as the latter has yet to find a running mate. Sen. Marcos is also being partnered with another possible presidential candidate, Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Top Trend News No. 4: 3 Disasters - Bangkok Bombing, Tianjin Explosion and Typhoon Ineng

The Port of Province of Tianjin in China suffered a huge chemical explosion that killed hundreds of people and injured hundred more. It made the port useless indefinitely since there were more secondary blasts happened even days after the first huge blast.

Central Bangkok, Thailand was blasted with bomb attack leaving 20 people dead and at least 78 injured, mostly tourists. The bombing took place in one of the capital's most popular destination, Erawan Hindu Shrine.

The northern part of the Philippines suffered from Typhoon Ineng or Typhoon Goni (International Name). Classes and work were suspended in Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Cagayan Valley and even in Metro Manila. There were 21 persons reported dead and 23 reported with over 1,600 houses damaged because of the typhoon.

Top Trend News No. 3: One Year of Senate Investigation on VP Binay's Alleged Corruption

It has been one year since the first Senate investigation for the alleged corruption in Makati during the tenure of then-Mayor and current Vice President Jejomar Binay. This is one of the longest Senate investigation in aid of legislation in the Senate.

The camp of Vice President Binay hit the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee for over-using for publicity and besmirching the image of the Vice President. Furthermore, the Blue Ribbon committee is conducting investigation beyond the purpose of in aid of legislation.

Senator Koko Pimentel defended the year-long Senate hearing as they achieved many accomplishments over the past year to fight corruption in the government.

Top Trend News No. 2: Sen. Enrile's Bail and Return to the Senate

The Supreme Court decided to grant Senator Juan Ponce Enrile's bail for humanitarian reason as he is having health problem. This decision, however, made a public stir when Sen. Enrile announced his return to work in the Senate immediately after being granted the bail.

According to the  dissenting opinion of Associate Justice Marvin Leonen, the decision of the SC to grant the bail was purely humanitarian and especially tailored for the aging senator. Senator Enrile is already 91 years of age and suffering from multiple health problems.

Top Trend News No. 1: Iglesia Ni Cristo Rallies

Iglesia Ni Cristo members held rallies in the front of the office of Department of Justice and went to EDSA to protest against the government intervention over the internal conflicts of the said religious organization.

The rallies were unexpected to the general public in Metro Manila as they were unprepared and stuck in traffic last Thursday and Friday. August 27-28, 2015, Netizens across all social media were appalled with the mass demonstration as they arrived late in their respective homes.

According to the INC members, they were holding their demonstration to appeal to the government to uphold the separation of State and the Church provision given in the 1987 Constitution. On the other hand, Secretary Leila De Lima insisted that she is doing her sworn duty to uphold the rule of law when the case were filed before them over the alleged illegal detention.
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  1. Grabe nga yang traffic sa EDSA at kahit san ata na sa metro manila na connected sa EDSA. Hindi nakapagbigay ang gobyerno ng alternative route. Nakakainis talaga yang rally na yan.

  2. Invoking separation of church and the state? The hell with that? When someone filed complaint(s), the state has to do something. Justice Leila de Lima is just really DOING her JOB!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The traffic caused by the ignorant INC members are horrible, extremely horrible as in sobrang grabe. I had my gas full in school then it went almost in half when I arrived home.

  4. sobra po ang ginawang perwicio ng mga taga Iglesia Ni Manalo. tama lang na INC tawag sa kanila. Incomplete ang utak. Nawawala ho ang tornilyo.

  5. senator enrile's bail is understandable for humanitarian reasons and he has served more than half of his life doing public service.

  6. Nice compilation of stupidity of this nation

  7. Any good relaxing news? All sort of bad or distressing news

  8. Grabe talaga yung ginawa ng INC. yung 45 minutes na pagbyahe ko papuntang work naging 2 hours. NAKAKASTRESS! kung bakit kasi pinayagan sila nag magrally dun sa EDSA ng ganun katagal!