Movie Review: Hitman Agent 47

Hitman: Agent 47 movie is based on popular game series with the same name. (Photo from Hitman: Agent 47 Facebook page)

Hitman: Agent 47 is based on popular Hitman console and computer video game series. It is about the mysterious assassin who works for the secret organization which carries high profile killings.


The story revolves in finding Agent 47, Katia and Dr. Litvenko and the attempt of re-opening the secret program that programmed Agent 47 and Katia as assassins.

John Smith and the members of Syndicate International are committed to find Dr. Litvenko in able to re-open the program. They chased the three and were able to capture Dr. Litvenko. John Smith tortured Dr. Litvenko in able to convince him to re-open the program.

Agent 47 and Katia tried to rescue Dr. Litvenko by attacking the headquarters of Syndicate Internation together. Katia entered the building through crashing a helicopter into the window while Agent 47 infiltrated the building by disguising as a firefighter.

The movie has lots of boring scenes as it is an action movie based on a popular game with the same name. Some fighting scenes have similarities with that of Matrix movies.

The only thrilling part of the movie is between Agent 47 and John Smith who is bullet and metal proof. The rest of the actions are boring and predictable.

The movie lacks creativity for its action scenes. Agent 47 kept on infiltrating enemy building by disguising as different characters as if his enemies have no brain on expecting the same guy with the same tactic.

Acting of some characters are not convincing especially for the part of John Smith, played by Zachary Quinto, when he died of electrocution. 
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