Movie Review: Inside Out

Inside Out movie: Riley's emotions, Anger, Fear, Joy, Sadness and Disgust look at the core memories of Riley from the headquarters. (Photo from the Inside Out Facebook page)

Inside Out is a 2015 computer-animated comedy-drama adventure film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures.


Riley, as a baby girl, started to have emotions inside her. Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger were developed as she grows older.

She grow up in Minnesota where she met friends, develop her skills in hockey and became closer to her family.

But when her family moved from Minnesota to San Francisco. She develops mixed emotions and her emotions started to have disagreements when she is about to go to school.

Struggle continues when Sadness touched a memory core and they were sipped away from the headquarters.

Riley outside emotions started to have a problem while Sadness and Joy find their way back to headquarters. Her core emotions started to erode which add to the problem of Sadness and Joy.


At the very start of the film, this animated movie has made the money of moviegoers worth spending. This is one of the best animated movie in 2015.

Riley might be a girl but it shows that any girl can be excellent in what boys can do and can still be feminine.

The film shows the struggle of transferring from one place to another environment. Kids can relate to this kind of struggle especially when their parents decide to move out.

The characters have shown what is really to be like having struggle inside and out of one person. Different perspective were shown by going inside the emotions of Riley, her parents, other people and even animals.

Animation is perfect and the plot is excellent. There’s no way that this film will not be watched over and over again. Kids will surely love this film. Adults will surely recommend this film to the kids as this is best film for children. 

It goes to show that feelings have feelings, too.
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