Movie Review: Ex with Benefits

Ex with Benefits. Derek Ramsey and Coleen Garcia star on a different casual sex relationship story. (Photo from Youtube thumbnail picture)

A not typical friends with benefits relationship or casual sex story. A complicated ex with benefits started from what they have left unclosed from their past.


Arkisha is a Med Rep of the year for a known pharmaceutical company and she was assigned to endorse a painkiller to the doctor of the year and popular blogger, Dr. Adam. To maintain her status and remain being the best Med Rep, Arkisha must convince Adam to endorse the medicine in his blog and to his patients. The problem is, Adam is her ex and she has been avoiding Adam for 10 years.


The introduction of the movie is attention-getter. Their combination of science and love is very remarkably humorous and witty. The script lines that entice more people to watch especially the ‘hugot’ lines about pain that was used by Derek Ramsey.

The story is light to watch. The movie blended and respected the image of Coleen Garcia. It does not have that much of sexy scenes and show of skin, but it is more on showing the unconditional love of the two characters, where one has to sacrifice for the one she loves and the other is willing to wait for his one true love to come back.
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