Movie Review: Pixels

Pixels Movie (2015)
Pixels Movie. Adam Sandler revives and reminisce some classic games in his latest 2015 film, Pixels, a definitely a film for classic game arcaders and today's kid.

Three classic video arcade gamers are summoned to try to save the world from unexpected but familiar enemies, old pixelated games characters.


The world is in danger as unknown aliens attacked Guam, a United States territory, and kidnapped one of the Navy officer.

Sam and his old friend gamers were called to play the old games they have played before because the aliens are popular classic games in the 1980s.


This is definitely a movie for kids even though the games shown here might not be familiar to most of the kids today. Adults who were teens during the 80s might be critical but stop being critical and reminisce your teenage years.

As much as the film can, Adam Sandler's production tried to pull of as many classic games it can to show. Characters were engaging and scenes really relate to the old era.

This film is not as hilarious compared to the previous films of Adam Sandler but equally entertaining. A film that family with small kids will enjoy.

Graphics and sound effects are great to back up a good story. Adam Sandler is not really the center of attention so you won't be bored with his old antics.
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